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The route of Dunlopillo


The name Dunlopillo guaranteed by Dunlop, three years before the invention of foam DUNLOPILLO.



Mr. EA Murphy led the research team that found the foam latex DUNLOPILLO, in the corner of the Fort Dunlop building in Birmingham.



Suppliers with Latex have cut off by the Japanese occupation of Malaysia. The layers DUNLOPILLO available only on medical certificate from the GP.



The DUNLOPILLO increases sales of latex mattresses and pillows, not just retailers, but in most markets. The latex  used DUNLOPILLO even for all the wallpapers in the reconstruction of the Houses of Parliament.



The DUNLOPILLO installed the most recent method of manufacturing foam rubber factory in Harrogate. The Talalay system soon defined as the best type of foam latex.



The BTR plc aquires Dunlop Group, including DUNLOPILLO



An acquisition brings DUNLOPILLO in private hands



The Hilding Anders aquires the signal DUNLOPILLO in the United Kingdom and Ireland.



The construction layers DUNLOPILLO relocated to Salmon Fields, Oldham and joins its sister company Slumberland.



THALPOS AVEE company, acquired the brand Dunlopillo for the Greek market.



DUNLOPILLO and Slumberland rehoused in Huntingdon, integrating new subsidiaries, Myer’s Comfortable Beds and Staples Beds.



ΗLATEX INTERNATIONAL SA, the largest manufacturer in the world of mattresses and pillows from Talalay Latex, acquired the brand Dunlopillo for the entire market for the United States and South America. Also in Europe for the countries Italy, Turkey, Israel and Cyprus. It aims its future development and other markets in Europe and Asia. At the same time has an exclusive partnership with companies that have the brand Dunlopillo in Greece, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France. In many countries in Asia, Australia & the Brand Dunlopillo, has been aquired in the group “Sime Darby” which operates successfully in all these markets.



Opened in June in Malaysia’s new plant Latex International SA, which produces Talalay Latex Foam for the needs of the company’s growth markets of Europe and Asia.

The factory is extended in 23,300 square meters with the brand name Dunlop Latex Foam (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of LATEX INTERNATIONAL and begun production the summer of 2011. Located in Mukum Senai-Kulai, Daerah Johor Bahru in Malaysia, it is the only factory of the whole company that manufacture Latex with two different production processes Talalay & Dunlop.   

The estimation of production activities to reach more than 200,000 cards and Latex of 500,000 extra pillows process Talalay Latex, in addition, with the process of Dunlop the production process will be significantly improved at it is enriched with 100% natural Latex.