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Welcome to Dunlopillo

  • The reputation and status of Dunlopillo as one of the most famous brand names around the globe regarding sleeping products has been structured and established for more than 80 years, throughout the commitment in production of high quality mattresses, pillows and beds which consist of natural Talalay Latex.

    The first Dunlopillo mattress was manufactured in 1931 and today the autoclaved latex (Talalay Latex) of Dunlopillo has intensive demand due to the support and comfort that it provides to the body in combination with the luxurious texture. Today's consumers, with the increasing knowledge and interest in healthy products, appreciate the natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic behaviour due to the natural Latex composition, which relieves them from allergy issues.

  • Talalay Latex
    What is latex? In pure form latex is the milky white liquid that is pumped from the trunks of mature heveabrasiliensis. The Talalay manufacturing process replica watches Specific quantity of latex foam gently poured into a large fixed mold- frame so as to fill only part of the mold. The cover is sealed and the latex spreads and fills the void around the mold. Once the latex fill the mold, it begins to “standing” and not to deflate reduce the temperature to 30 C, the latex is cooled and accumulated/ set. At this stage, carbon dioxide gets into the latex and the temperature goew up to 115 C so...