If you feel that you are not getting a good rest on your mattress, or if you wake up with pains in your neck or waist, maybe the time has come to think about replacing it? Choosing a new mattress is an investment for many years, and the things that will make a real and positive difference to your sleep are the quality and characteristics of your new mattress. The reason is obvious. We spend one third of our life in bed, and sleep quality has a significant effect on the remaining two thirds of our lives. The right mattress is inextricably linked to a good night’s sleep, and is as important as daily exercise and proper nutrition for our quality of life.

The wrong mattress is a…nightmare. Apart from sleep disorders, it can cause musculoskeletal pain (especially in the waist and neck), insomnia, restlessness and permanent fatigue even with 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Especially if the materials are “old-fashioned” and have not passed through quality control procedures, a mattress can be a major cause of allergies. In all these cases, it is essential to change your mattress.

Anatomical and orthopedic mattresses. What are their characteristics? There are no specific international specifications for the manufacturing process and the materials, which define whether a mattress is anatomical or orthopedic. The general rule is that: an anatomical mattress follows the body’s shape without applying a lot of pressure that prevents blood circulation and disturbs your smooth sleep. Orthopedic mattresses give sensitive body parts such as the lumbar spine the correct support. Natural foam materials, such as Talalay Latex fully support these features by following the natural curve of the spine.


Empirical rules for choosing the mattress with the right firmness level:

1. Lie down and put your feet on the bed
2. Try to put your hand between your body and the mattress. If this is very difficult then the mattress is rather “soft” but if it is very easy the mattress is rather “hard”
3. Turn on your side and stay in this position for 30 seconds. Try to feel the pressure on your shoulders and hips
4. Assess the pressure you feel
5. Repeat this procedure on each mattress you try.
When you decide on your “shortlist” of mattresses, try them again. Lie on your side and ask the salesman or the person accompanying you to confirm that your spine is properly aligned as your shoulders and hips sink into the mattress. If the spine forms a curve, the mattress is not suitable for you

To keep your mattress in “good health”, make sure:

• It matches the dimensions of the bed exactly
• It is always covered with a special hypo- allergenic protective layer, even if the outer fabric of your mattress is removable and can be washed. You should wash the hypoallergenic protective layer frequently
• To air it frequently by leaving it uncovered for a couple hours
• To use special products that prevent/deal with mites nesting in the mattresses
• You do not clean it either with water (because moisture will damage it) or by dry cleaning (as it can damage the materials your mattress is made of). Just shake it and use a vacuum cleaner to clean it
• That you keep the manufacturer’s label. It will have instructions that you may need in the future and, in the event of damage, it will guarantee the warranty validity

Important! The base on which the mattress is installed affects its effectiveness. Make the right choice!


The joy of sleep is part of Talalay Latex nature.

The mattresses are made of 100% Talalay Latex and – by their nature – are both anatomic and orthopedic. They gently follow the body’s shape and at the same time they support sensitive areas such as the lumbar region. The mattress gently dips at the hip and shoulder areas but supports the rest of the body.

Mattresses made of Talalay Latex have nothing but… advantages:
• They ensure comfort and support all over the body
• They “breathe” thanks to their cellular structure that rejects heat and therefore ensure you get a cool night’s sleep
• They are hypoallergenic with antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of microbes, fungi and dust mites
• They keep their shape and elasticity unchanged, and are highly durable
• They have an independent support system, so that each time you turn over, your partner can sleep on undisturbed

pressure english

The pressures that mattresses put on the body during sleep


It has been found that compared to other mattresses, the “dual personality” of Talalay Latex means that it puts much less pressure on the body and is actively good for your sleep.